Crystals - Chakra Balancing Stones - Assortment - 7pc - Yogavni

Kit includes: Box, 7 Stones, Info Card, Pouch

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    Chakra, is A Sanskrit term Meaning Wheel. There Is a vast literature on chakra models philosophy and lore that underpin many philosophical systems anti spiritual energetic practices, religious observance and personal discipline. Chakras function and relate within the systemic suite of the human body and mind. The philosophical theories and models of chakras as systemic vortices of energy were identified through the existential mystical practice of yoga in Ancient India where they were first codified.

    1. Root/Base: Stability, grounding, physical energy, will, security. Red Jasper, Gamut, Bloodstone, Ruby, was Tourmaline. Smokey Quartz. Obsidian.

    2. Sacral /Spleen: Creativity, healing, sexuality & reproduction, desire, emotion, intuition. Carnelian. Amber, Orange Calcite, Gold Topaz Coral 

    3. Solar Plexus: Intellect, ambition, personal power, protective. Citrine. Tiger Eye. Yellow Jasper. Yellow Agate. Golden Calcite 

    4. Heart: Love, compassion, healing emotional balance. Rose Quartz Green/Pink Tourmaline, Greer Jade. Green Aventurine, Emerald

    5. Throat: Communication center expression, divine guidance. Sodalite. Aquamarine, Blue lace Agate , Blue Turquoise 

    6. Third Eye: Spiritual awareness, psychic bower, intuition. light. Quart, crystal. Lapis Lazuli, sapphire 

    7. Crown: Enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, energy. perfection. Amethyst, Diamond, White Calcite, Selenite, Purple Fluorite. 

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