Wall Plaque - Wood Celtic Triquetra 12in/30cm - 1pc - Yogavni


Material: Hand carved wood
Size: 12in/30cm

Yoganvi’s Wall Plaques are freestanding and can easily be hung on a wall or placed on a  shelf, mantle, or window. These are made with the intention to bring grounding energy to your space and as a reminder to pause during the day and breathe. Yogavni’s Wooden Om Symbol Wall Plaque makes a unique gift for a friend, or for yourself as an addition to your yoga studio, meditation space, or simply as a rustic accent to your home decor.

Triquerta Symbol: 

The Triquetra is a symbol in many cultures and holds a unique significance for each of them. The Celts believe the three points represent the elements (wind, fire, water, and air) and spiritually thought to symbolize death and rebirth.

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