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FAQ – Shipping Delivery Policy

How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders received are shipped the next business day after confirmation – so not Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Public Holidays – we like to give our staff a break every now and then! 

What could delay my order from being shipped on time?

  • Order size

  • Holiday seasons

  • Availability issues

  • Reliability of outsourced shipping companies

  • Items that need to be transferred in from other locations

  • Incorrect shipping address and contact phone details

  • As much as we try our best to avoid it, human error on our part – and ‘Ooopses' do happen, even to the most efficient among us!!!

What does HLC do to alleviate delayed shipping?

  • Have processes in place to make sure that all product is in stock

  • Expand shipping staff complement for the busy seasons

  • Indicate to you on our website that delays can occur if we have to transfer any items in your order in from our suppliers before we can ship it

  • Beg, plead and if necessary, do back flips for UPS, Canada Post and any other shipping company to pick up on time

  • Message you immediately if we do not have correct shipping location details (or email, if your phone number is wrong)

  • Blame Bernard (our long-suffering and luckily broad-shouldered CEO) for the delay and publicly shame him – our go-to method for any HLC errors, human or otherwise!!!  

If I need my order in a hurry, could I speed up the shipping?

  • Yes sure, we will do everything we can to expedite it – however, extra shipping charges could apply

  • Just call or message us as soon as you have placed the order, so we can provide a quote and payment instructions for the extra charges 

How do you determine which carriers to use?

  • We select the most economical carrier with standard ground service, by destination

  • Standard delivery is between 2 – 10 business days to most destinations on continental USA and Canada, except where previously specified in this section

  • Items are shipped daily via Canada Post and UPS. with every order being assigned a tracking number 

  • On rare occasions, we might opt for conventional mail delivery, without tracking numbers