Incense Sticks - Nature's Basil 180g - Goloka

Box contains 12 x sleeves of 15gr each for convenient storage and use

Basil is known to create a calm and relaxed environment and is ideal when studying or reading. In addition, basil is said to enhance mood and increase alertness. The scent of basil is known to repel insects and eliminate unwanted odors.

Fragrance Notes:

Basil is spicy, warm, floral, and sweet with herbaceous and woody base notes. 

Incense Sticks

Alleviate the anxiety, stress, and negative energy with incense Sticks. Burning incense can purify the air, improve meditation and sleep, and provide an overall sense of well-being and calm.  

How to Use: 

  • Light the tip of the incense and blow out the flame.

  • Put the burning incense in an incense stand and place it on top of a ceramic plate or wooden plank to catch the ashes.

  • Place the incense in the center or corner of a room and avoid having it directly next to you.

  • As you see the smoke rise you will begin to enjoy the pleasant fragrance that spreads throughout your space.

**Please note: Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific medical condition or disease, nor are we making any medical claims whatsoever.

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