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Meditation Lights

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite Lamps, Tranquility Lamps, Candles

Your eyes will light up when you see our CANDLE AND TEALIGHT HOLDERS crafted from Himalayan Salt blocks, Rose, Green, Fluorite and Blue Sodalite Quartz, Amethyst or Blue, Purple or Natural Agate – and no meditation light range would be complete without HIMALAYAN SALT CRYSTAL LAMPS in rough-hewn blocks, polished spheres, hearts or mystical pyramid, all with wooden bases – we also have Himalayan aromatherapy burners/diffusers and plug-in nightlights. We think you’ll love our fabulous energy-enhancing MOROCCAN SELENITE CRYSTAL LAMPS too – as well as our best-selling Amethyst or Quartz (Rose, Fluorite or Clear Quartz) TRANQUILITY MEDITATION LAMPS.