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Meditation Props

Zafus, Zabutons, Eye Pillows & Neck Rests

All our cushions and pillows have removable either 100% cotton 100% buckwheat filling, both of which are sustainably sourced, for comfort and quality. They also have removable covers for easy cleaning. Our round ZAFU CUSHIONS are designed to keep your hip bones above your knees for comfort in meditation, and come in embellished Jacquard Silk, or fresh cotton covers in Designer Series prints or vibrant solid colors, all with carry straps.  For increased comfort, put your Zafu on a Yogavni cotton-filled and covered ZABUTON in solid colors or with a jacquard border.  Want to ‘melt’ into the most restful meditation ever? Try our YOGA EYE PILLOWS with cotton or silk covers, lavender-scented or unscented… Then for support where you need it most, add a buckwheat-filled Silk YOGA NECK PILLOW, or a linen blend LOTUS WRAP MEDITATION BACK SUPPORT. Yogavni Meditation COMBO SETS include matching Neck & Eye Pillows, and Zafu & Zabuton cushions.