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Meditation Space

Also known as meditation zone or quiet space

BUDDHA STATUES have long been associated with peace, prosperity, good health and positive energy. Our range includes traditional Green Aventurine and white, grey or natural cement/clay Buddhas, along with bronze and wooden in various poses: classic Seated Buddhas and Buddha Busts, Meditating/Praying Buddhas and Lotus Flower Buddhas – in both miniature and larger décor sizes.  We also stock colorful Yogavni 100% COTTON WALL HANGINGS from Bali, featuring Zen proverbs, Native American blessings, inspirational sayings and affirmations from Buddha, Yogananda, Lau Tzu, the Dalai Lama and others (even Bob Marley!) and illustrated with Buddha, the Lotus, Tree of Life and Om graphics, Chinese symbols, the Seven Chakras, and various iconic Peace symbols from round the world.