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Searching for your savasana, facing your downward dog or trying to tuck your pelvis? Yoga and Pilates are excellent disciplines for increasing your fitness levels – and expanding your vocabulary at the same time!

The ancient practice of yoga combines movement,  meditation  and  breathing techniques  to promote mental and physical well-being – and  a good instructor will also explain the Sanskrit descriptions!

Pilates, a low-impact physical fitness system which promotes flexibility, muscular tone and endurance, with an emphasis on proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance - and important sounding terminology!

Whatever your age, gender or fitness level, yoga and Pilates can help you achieve a healthy body and mind by improving both your physical and mental strength to help you face the challenges of daily life with confidence. 

HLC’s Yogavni environmentally-kind products include yoga bolsters, yoga mats, yoga Mexican blankets, targeted Pilates equipment and more, all designed to complement and enhance your performance of both these life-affirming disciplines – whether you’re into shanti and shakti, or plantar flexion and pushing your tailbone! 

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