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FAQ – Shipping Delivery Policy

What's the story on FREE SHIPPING?

You know the saying ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’? Well, it applies to shipping as well as lunch! We could either increase the purchase price and offer global free shipping or we could add shipping on when necessary. However, HLC provide free shipping as a form of discount promotion, with the usual ‘strings attached’:

  • Retail orders that exceed $120.00 before taxes qualify for FREE SHIPPING

  • orders that do not qualify for free shipping are:

    • orders that have been subject to any other discounts

    • promotional and clearance priced items

    • combination kits - as these have been discounted to form the kit

    • wholesale orders

    • items that have been marked as not available for free shipping

    • special product orders

    • international destinations

    • shipments to P.O. Box addresses

    • shipments to Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Yukon

    • shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands

    • shipments to address's that Canada Post, USPS or UPS have determined to be remote, extended or rural

    • Canadian postal codes that have a zero (0) within the first three figures of the postal code eg P0T or A0G

    • shipments exceeding dimensional weight of 100lb

    • shipments that require tailgate delivery

  • HLC retains the right to change the free shipping policy without notice  

How long does it take to process an order?

Most orders received are shipped the next business day after confirmation – so not Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Public Holidays – we like to give our staff a break every now and then! 

What could delay my order from being shipped on time?

  • Order size

  • Holiday seasons

  • Availability issues

  • Reliability of outsourced shipping companies

  • Items that need to be transferred in from other locations

  • Incorrect shipping address and contact phone details

  • As much as we try our best to avoid it, human error on our part – and ‘Ooopses' do happen, even to the most efficient among us!!!

What does HLC do to alleviate delayed shipping?

  • Have processes in place to make sure that all product is in stock

  • Expand shipping staff complement for the busy seasons

  • Indicate to you on our website that delays can occur if we have to transfer any items in your order in from our suppliers before we can ship it

  • Beg, plead and if necessary, do back flips for UPS, Canada Post and any other shipping company to pick up on time

  • Message you immediately if we do not have correct shipping location details (or email, if your phone number is wrong)

  • Blame Bernard (our long-suffering and luckily broad-shouldered CEO) for the delay and publicly shame him – our go-to method for any HLC errors, human or otherwise!!!  

If I need my order in a hurry, could I speed up the shipping?

  • Yes sure, we will do everything we can to expedite it – however, extra shipping charges could apply

  • Just call or message us as soon as you have placed the order, so we can provide a quote and payment instructions for the extra charges 

How do you determine which carriers to use?

  • We select the most economical carrier with standard ground service, by destination

  • Standard delivery is between 2 – 10 business days to most destinations on continental USA and Canada, except where previously specified in this section

  • Items are shipped daily via Canada Post and UPS. with every order being assigned a tracking number 

  • On rare occasions, we might opt for conventional mail delivery, without tracking numbers