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Touch in Meditation

Crystal Generators, Selenite Wands, Quartz Crystals

In TACTILE MEDITATION, practitioners seek to use ‘tools’ that they touch to enhance both relaxation and concentration during the meditation process.  HLC has sourced the world for these tools, and proudly offer PYRAMIDS, revered by the Native Americas, Ancient Egyptians for their spiritual connection to the heavens and the earth, ENERGY GENERATORS and HEALING/MASSAGE WANDS in Smoky Quartz Crystal,  Rose, Fluorite and Clear  Quartz,  Red Agate or Uruguay Amethyst;  smooth, highly polished Selenite Crystal (a Crown Chakra Stone)   STRESS & ENERGY STONES, SPHERES, LOGS/WANDS, PYRAMIDS and CHARGING PLATES. We also have Yogavni’s famously colorful Agate COATER SETS, left natural or edged in silver.  

Crystals - Shungite - Palm Stones - 2pc - Yogavni
52.80 52.80 52.800000000000004 USD
Crystals - Selenite - Stick 15in/37.5cm - 1pc - Yogavni
52.80 52.80 52.800000000000004 USD
Crystals - Selenite - Sphere 2in/5cm diam - 1pc - Yogavni
15.62 15.62 15.620000000000001 USD
Crystals - Rose Quartz - Healing Wand - Yogavni
39.41 39.41 39.410000000000004 USD
Crystals - Fluorite Quartz Tranquility Lamp
132.36 132.36 132.36 USD