Smart Thumb Stabilizer - 1pc - IMAK
All-day use
Includes 1 glove
43.00 43.0 CAD
Neck Scarf - Luxe Aromatherapy - 1pc - Relaxus
This cleverly designed fluffy neck wrap is filled with fragrant lavender flower buds and tourmaline quartz, to promote relaxation when gently warmed.
Perfect for  keeping cosy on winter walks, or just cuddling up on the couch.
28.00 28.0 CAD
Foot Scrubber - Long Reach 2 in 1- 1pc - Relaxus
The Long Reach 2-in-1 Foot Scrubber with an extra-long handle, scrubs tops, bottoms and back of feet and gently smooths away rough skin. Perfect for those hard to reach areas.
25.00 25.0 CAD